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The trend continues...

A few links demonstrating the growth of Latin instruction in Britain over the past decade:

UK’s Daily Mail notes that latin has grown sixfold in UK primary schools since 2000:

(A) survey has found that more than 500 state comprehensives and 121 state grammars - around one in six of all secondaries - are offering Latin, either as part of the curriculum or during after-school classes…In 2000, only around 100 comprehensives were estimated to be offering it.

The Independent chimes in to report on a corresponding growth in primary schools:

More than 60 state primaries will teach the classical language as part of a project aimed at making languages compulsory for all children from the age of seven. Those behind it say it is the best way of introducing children to language learning, particularly because it is the root of the five Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese and Romanian).

That last point is a good one; even if students abandon the language at the secondary level, the basic knowledge provided by Latin will no doubt help if they decide to switch to a Romance language.

Qui sciet quae quoque sint modo dicenda, nisi tamen in procinctu paratamque ad omnis casus habuerit eloquentiam, velut clausis thesauris incubabit.

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