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Something I need to make very clear

I don’t usually bring contemporary politics into this blog, unless I see some interesting parallels that more clearly illuminate classical literature/culture.

Nevertheless, I have to say I find little of value in the Classical Values blog. It’s my experience that most folks who advocate “classical values” use it as code for a far more contemporary political agenda.

If you were to rate academic subjects on a scale from traditional to modern, it would be hard to find one more rooted in the past than Latin. Yes, Latin has a very conservative reputation–I’d be foolish to deny it. But I really wish some of these folks who advocate “classical values” would read an entire work of Cicero rather than cherry-pick his more inflammatory passages (I’ve dealt with one popular Cicero ‘quote’ here). Or maybe look at the complete picture of classical life provided by history and archaeology rather than the idealized cartoon of the Victorian age and “swords and sandals” epics.

OK, there’s my little political rant…I promise to put away the rostra for now.


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