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Vir Ferreus

The fact that Scarlett Johanssen’s character (in the new Iron Man II film) speaks Latin should triple the number of high-school boys lining up to study the language…

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"Ista Mulier Invida"?

In the wake of the British media’s flap over Gordon Brown’s “bigot” gaffe, let’s rerun this post on the campaign of Publius Scipio Nascia.


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Eheu fugaces...labuntur dies

With apologies to Horace…blogging is just not an option these days–quam negotiis astrictus sum. Look for blogging to resume in May. In the meantime…a good answer from Lively Latin for a question I hear all the time…


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Fiat ab ingenio mollior ira meo

The 578 lines of Tristia II is Ovid’s formal defense against Caesar’s ira. The book is a natural segue from the raw and immediate poetry of book I–written (in) mediis…aquis and inter fera murmura ponti (I.4…7). The initial shock has worn off; time on the Pontic shore has lifted the fog of emotion, and the cause of exile can be reviewed more critically.



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Short break for maintenance…the comment section is really getting out of control (score one for the spammers). Should be up and running again after the weekend.

Qui sciet quae quoque sint modo dicenda, nisi tamen in procinctu paratamque ad omnis casus habuerit eloquentiam, velut clausis thesauris incubabit.

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