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Ars blogandi

I’m not insensitive enough to complain about workload at a time where US unemployment is hovering in the double digits, but the fact of the matter is I just haven’t had time to do any blogging over the past few weeks. Still, I manage to squeeze in some classics reading over my lunch hour–a thin bulkwark of sanity against the inane demands of the job.

So I’m changing the format of this blog a bit to accomodate a schedule I don’t see easing up anytime soon. For the next few weeks (months?), look for posts featuring some favorite snippets of Latin. These will be the kind of timeless wisdom I can set up weeks in advance, when I find an evening to post five or six posts for the upcoming days. Yeah, it’s getting that bad…

Anyhow, I’ve already got my first selection (from Horace) set for tomorrow…check back then.


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