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Tibullus I.3.89-92

Lovers rushing thru a meadow toward an embrace is an old cinema trope. Tibullus’ lovely lines below show the image is even older:

Tum veniam subito, nec quisquam nuntiet ante,
   Sed videar caelo missus adesse tibi.
Tunc mihi, qualis eris, longos turbata capillos,
   Obvia nudato, Delia, curre pede.

videar… - The active verb video naturally takes an acc. w. inf. construction. The passive then “transforms” the grammar of this clause into nom. w. inf.
caelo - Call it abl. of source; there should really be a preposition like de here.
longos…capillos - the so-called “Greek” accusative of specification after turbata



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