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People Who Quibble over Latin Translations

I’ve been reading with mild interest the on-line discussion on the new translation of the Roman Catholic Missal. NCR correspondent Jerry Filteau has a decent summary, and yes the changes are rather trivial from a language perspective–which is why I’ve mainly stayed out of the discussion. I suspect the arguments veil a political/religious tiff that I just don’t (or care to) understand.

Anyway, if you’re interested, the new English translation is here.


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Punica reconsidered (or not)

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been reading Robert O’Connell’s The Ghosts of Cannae, an engrossing review of the second Punic war and its most pivotal battle. Early on O’Connell reviews the literary sources. As expected Polybius and Livy loom large, followed by a second tier of later authorities and biographers–important because they had access to records and histories that no longer exist. Beyond these there are other precious scraps–here a reference in Ovid’s Fasti, there a note from the elder Pliny, that sort of thing.



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Paene Octoginta Homines

Video from this year’s Conventiculum Lexintoniense

This year the Conventuculum featured longer-form orationes, and there is one speaker (Professor “David Mani” David Money) who spoke De arte versus componendi. If anyone has any information on this lecture (in particular the correct spelling of his name), please put some info in the comments–I’d like to transcribe his elegiac (starting ~5:40) over the next few days…

…[added 9/2/2010] A kind commenter (the author?) transcribed the verses–check them out below.

Qui sciet quae quoque sint modo dicenda, nisi tamen in procinctu paratamque ad omnis casus habuerit eloquentiam, velut clausis thesauris incubabit.

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