More scrambled Vergil


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More scrambled Vergil

If you liked the Scrambled Vergil game I put up a few months ago, how about a few more to test your knowledge of the Dactylic Hexameter. But this time, I’m going to use lines from the readings of Statius (I’ve been dissecting the first book of his Thebaid here for the past month).


See if you can rearrange the words in the line to create the original dactylic hexameter verse. All words are arranged in alphabetical order:

arripit de extemplo Maleae resurgens valle (I.100)

atque Atropos cultus hos ipsa novat Proserpina (I.111)

convicia finierat Iuno miscens precibus (I.283)

aegrescit corde cura in parenti sedens tantum (I.400)

A few tips can be found on Page 2, if you get stuck…

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