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My wife and I went to the Cubs game last night (they won!). I’ve mentioned before the club has an unofficial Latin motto, so for a bit of fun I had a t-shirt made with the word “FACIENDUMST” (=faciendum est) etched on the back. That’s my translation for “It’s Gonna Happen", a phrase that’s become a fan slogan of late at the Friendly Confines.

I was curious to see if anyone would get it, and to my surprise two different people at the ballpack recognized the word as Latin and asked me about it. I’ll admit it’s a toughie even if you know a litfair bit of the language: The impersonal gerundive is usually a second-year detail, and the aphraesis ending -umst = -um est is something even a fourth-year student might miss (I chose it because it sounded informal like the original’s “Gonna"). One woman whose father weas a Latin teacher wrote it down to share with him at a later date–"He’d get a kick out of it".

I doubt it will catch on (there’s been at least one incorrect translations of the phrase already this year). But it made my night to know it wasn’t a completely worthless effort. We’ll see how it goes the rest of the summer…


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