De Stadio Ianqueo


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De Stadio Ianqueo

My family and I are visiting New York this summer, a trip which will allow us to take in a game at venerable Yankee Stadium before the wrecking ball strikes this winter.

I have visited the stadium previously, and felt a classic sporting venue deserved a classic ode. Click here to review my less-than-Horatian work (I’ve always liked Horace’s O Fons Bandusiae) and tell me where I went wrong.

Yes, one could say I’m targeting a very narrow audience with this poem (Latin scholars who are baseball fans), but I thought it was worth a shot. It’s actually inspired some thoughts about modern Latin poetry which I’ll get around to posting later in the week…


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Qui sciet quae quoque sint modo dicenda, nisi tamen in procinctu paratamque ad omnis casus habuerit eloquentiam, velut clausis thesauris incubabit.

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