Modern Latin Anthology


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Modern Latin Anthology

In crawling the web I came across Bringfield’s Head Press, a small Cambridge (UK) enterprise that is attempting to publish collections of Modern Latin.

Their first publication is Ramillies, a book celebrating the 300th anniversary of the 1706 battle of Ramillies with essays and a few on-subject Latin poems. If you are a UK citizen or at least able to issue a check in Pounds or Euros, you can order a copy via the information on the website. I contacted the publisher and once I get the Pounds vs. Dollars matter straightened out (this is a very, very small enterprise), I’ll read the poetry and let you know how it is (This is a longshot, but the publisher says his US agent has left the states and he’s interested in finding a new one who might be willing to handle small transactions for them. If you are interested or know someone who might help, you can contact D. K. Money at

The site promises more in the months to come; for now, I encourage you to read Mr. Money’s essay “What is the point of Latin poetry?”. I share most of his views on modern Latin verse as an art form and think he raises quite valid points in its current defense and potential for the future.


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