The Others speak Latin!


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The Others speak Latin!

Just when I least expect it, this evening’s episode of the ABC Series Lost features characters speaking Latin to each other; and for the most part the actors try and duplicate a classical pronunciation.

The series is far too complicated to explain, but if you’re interested in seeing a little spoken Latin from primetime US television, you can view this evening’s episode here. The first Latin exchange is at the 14 minute mark:

Other 1: Quare non sunt vestitus eis?

Other 2: Tace!

Juliet: Cognoscitis qui sumus? ("Do you know who we are?” - shouldn’t this be simus–indirect question?)

Note the first actor overemphasizes the classical “w” sound for the v leading off vestitus. Juliet translates the phrasing correctly, although vestitus, -us is more generally “clothing” than military “uniforms". Another exchange–with subtitles–occurs at :27, si placet


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